Packaged Plays: Auburn’s TD Pass with :32 to go

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With a rare game ending 109 yard field goal return, what seems to be getting lost in the shuffle is the touchdown that tied it up for Auburn with :32 seconds left.  The play was a run-pass option off of an inside zone read.


The run concept is something made popular by Chris Ault at Nevada, and is becoming more and more popular as the zone option is taking root in the NFL.  Chris Brown writes about it here.  The concept is called “Bluff” by Ault.  A fullback or h-back is responsible for bluffing a kick out block on the end, who is also being read by the quarterback for give or keep.  The FB/HB continues past the end and becomes a lead blocker for the quarterback as seen in the video below.

The play with the addition of the pass component is not new.  Pitt used this play in 2012.

It is legal as long as there are no ineligible receivers farther than 3 yards down field.  On a keep read, the quarterback sprints toward the edge and has a run pass option.  If the corner is playing a cover two technique or if the corner fills on the run, then the receiver runs a fade and the quarterback hits him in the void between the corner and the safety, which is exactly what Marshall did for Auburn.

The play is another example of a packaged play with multiple post snap options based on defender keys.  Read more about packaged plays:

Musical Chairs: Packaged Plays and the Evolution of “Option” Football 

The Total Package

The Stick Draw Concept

I will post more links to packaged plays later today.

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