On AFM: Get More Out of Your Zone Scheme with the Fullback Zone Dive

Screen Shot 2013-12-17 at 8.56.02 PM

One of my favorite plays from the two-back offense that we ran at the high school level was a fullback zone dive. This was a play that we used to complement our stretch play. Our version of the stretch play was a full line reach scheme in which we were trying to get the ball to the perimeter. The tight end would reach the defensive end or Sam linebacker, depending on the defensive front, and everyone inside would be on a wide track to reach the defender either head up or outside of him. This wide action would stretch the defense quickly and open up some huge seems for the tailback. This was a play which we used to set up our entire offense. Everything else worked because of the effectiveness of our execution on this play. Video of the play can be seen below.

In our initial installation of this offense, we maintained some of the plays from our previous system. One of those plays was the trap. What we found was the fullback zone dive became much more effective because it took away the pulling guard key for the linebacker. Because the tailback would still run his stretch course, and the quarterback would open like it was stretch, the fullback zone dive often hit as a cutback play and would gain big yards. Over the three years we ran this play, it averaged 7 yards and was 63% efficient (4 yards or better)…more

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