Top 13 of ’13

These were the 13 most read posts in 2013 on this site:

1. The Mother Lode of Zone Running Game Resources

2. Compilation of Diamond Pistol Backfield Resources

3. No Huddle & Tempo Resources

4. Pistol resource notebook

5. Game Planning Resources

6. One Stop for Your Offense Resources

7. Quick Passing Game Resources

8. iBook

9. The “Power O” Play

10. One Word Play Calls

11. Play Action Passing Resources

12. Urban Meyer – On Edge Teaching/Coaching

13. Downhill Pistol Running Game

The first of its kind, 101+ Pro Style Pistol Offense Plays provides concepts that can be utilized in any offense, not just the pistol. The interactive multimedia book contains 229 pieces of dynamic content and q total of 30 minutes of game film. I have received some great feedback from coaches who adapted all or some of those ideas in 2013. Get 101+ PRO STYLE PISTOL OFFENSE PLAYS for your iPad or Mac from the iBookstore.



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