Joker Criss Cross in the Orange Bowl


One of my favorite plays to call as a wing-t coach early in my career was “Joker Criss Cross.” The play utilized counter blocking with a lineman kicking out the defensive end and a second blocker pulling through. The hand off went to the halfback on what looks like his buck sweep course. After getting the hand off, he quickly hands it to the slot on the inside. It was always an effective run call on 3rd down for one of our opponents who ran the wing-t as well.

Here it is in the Orange Bowl from a spread formation. I apologize for the video quality.

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One thought on “Joker Criss Cross in the Orange Bowl

  1. My alma mater and team I follow (Macomb Dakota) runs that wing counter out of a one back gun system. Only one puller though, definitely can lead to some big plays.

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