Pro Style Pistol Offense

There are many versions of the pistol offense.  The primary reason is that the pistol, in and of itself, is a backfield set.  Because it offers the advantage of having the quarterback in the shotgun with the view of the defense and the ability to be a runner as well, it’s been adapted into many offenses.  Pistol is used in pro style offenses, spread option, and wing-t.  I’m sure there are several other classifications of offense types that utilize the pistol set as well.

We have been running what we refer to as a pro style pistol offense.  We consider it “pro style” in that we utilize multiple personnel groupings with an emphasis on tight ends, h-backs, and fullbacks.  The preferred run game in our offense is a downhill type of run game featuring zone and gap schemes.  The run game helps create a very effective play action passing game.

The system is created with a flexible structure that starts with having the ability to align in any formation that can be imagined.  However, the system uses a minimal amount of language with the majority of it using only 12 words and the digits 0-9.  Players really only need to learn the components that apply to them (either words or digits, bot not necessarily both), further limiting the amount that must be committed to memory.

The inside zone establishes the basis for the running game with the techniques and teaching of gap responsibility carrying over to each position.

Outside zone is the other zone scheme used within the offense.

The gap schemes begin with the installation of both one back and two back power which are taught with essentially the same rules.

The counter play provides a flexible run concept that can be used from multiple personnel groupings and formations.

Pin & Pull sweep concepts provide a run to get to the perimeter with a show of force.

With a strong run game, play action becomes an effective way to move the ball down the field.  Our unique, reverse out footwork hides the ball from the defense and helps the quarterback and receivers out leveraged the defense on the flank.

Drop back play action is effective in creating big play opportunities when the defense aggressively keys the run.

Finally, receiver motion creates misdirection and an effective way to get a dynamic receiver touches in the run game.

The details and coaching points for each play in this system are detailed in 101+ Pro Style Pistol Offense Plays.  The interactive, multimedia book presents the offense in a very dynamic and easy to understand way.  Get 101+ PRO STYLE PISTOL OFFENSE PLAYS for your iPad or Mac from the iBookstore



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