“Suddenly” a Champion

Another great post from Coach Floyd

You Can Do More!

There seems to be a need in our culture for instant gratification…

  • in-n-out-burger-logoBullet points (see I am doing it)…
  • Netflix on demand…
  • Instant weight loss…
  • Disneyworld FASTPASS…
  • Immediate success…
  • Miracle strength gains…
  • Instant Messaging
  • Amazing body transformations…
  • Spectacular turnarounds.

The thing is, that doesn’t happen often in athletics or real life.  More often it is small, consistent, incremental growth that takes place.  But that growth over an extended period of time leads to BIG changes.

Seth Godin described it this way last week in his post, Gradually, then suddenly:

This is how companies die, how brands wither and, more cheerfully in the other direction, how careers are made.

Gradually, because every day opportunities are missed, little bits of value are lost, customers become unentranced. We don’t notice so much, because hey, there’s a profit. Profit covers many sins. Of course, one day, once the foundation is rotted and the…

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