Another Read Play?

Sweep trap

I was watching some cut-ups and came across a play that Colgate ran two years ago against Lafayette. I can’t know for sure if this was designed as a read play, but it made me think about the potential that it has as a read play.  In theory it would allow another hat on the edge on the sweep portion of the play, and it allows the quarterback to keep the ball inside running into a huge void if the linebacker flows to stop the sweep.  The tricky part would be the rules for the tight end who is leaving the defensive end alone and blocking the linebacker.  Theoretically, he would be blocking the backside linebacker as the frontside backer would be left as the player being read.  He would not necessarily need to get all the way back.  The frontside guard is pulling for the alley, and the backside guard is on a long trap course to the defensive end.  He would be aiming to kick him out.

Screen Shot 2014-01-28 at 2.28.53 PM

In the clip, the linebacker sits and the quarterback gives to the receiver in motion on the sweep.

sweep trap

If the linebacker flowed on sweep, he would keep and come off the down block of the tackle on the 3 technique.

Screen Shot 2014-01-28 at 2.42.25 PM

Another way to block this sweep/trap read play would be to block down on the end with the TE, block to the BSLB with the tackle, and trap the 3 tech.  It might clean up any confusion as to who the TE would be blocking.  However, the path would be tighter for the quarterback, and the decision would have to be made quicker.

If the objective is to get a hat on a hat on the edge, and change up the Power Read fits for the defense, then this may have some potential as a constraint play.  Colgate only ran it one time in the game, so it may have been exactly that for them as well.


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5 thoughts on “Another Read Play?

  1. Strangely enough, we ran this read a little bit, but I never felt that we could rep it enough to get good at it.

    We called it “8 zone MOFO” (outside zone right, the tag meaning “Mike Oughta Fly Out) for the read.

  2. To me it seems like a broken bucksweep, where the TE misses the downblock on the DEnd, because he is slanting inside. the BS-G just cleans up the DEnd on his way to the outside = “pick up any trash”/”no other jersey crosses your face”.

    if you’d do it, like described, the DEnd could get upfield and make a TFL on the sweeper with the BS-G never getting to him on the long trap.

    if you want to run a sweep, how do you get to the idea to block the PS-DEnd (the most dangerous man for the sweep) with your BS-Guard?
    there are only two reasons i can imagine, why you wouldn’t want to block the DEnd with a playside-blocker: either you read him or you’re assuming that the DEnd is not honoring the sweep. but if you assume he will not be a factor for the sweeper, why would you not want your TE to block the mike and just run the sweep (like it is shown in the video). he has a great angle on the mike (if he aligns anywhere in the box). let the BS-G pull (more like a power-pull/skip-pull) up to the Will, if you want a second puller.

  3. if this is run as a constraint versus scrape-exchange/gap-exchange it is not very sound, because if the DE doesn’t slant inside the BS-Guards trap will never get to him before the DEnd can get to the sweeper and make a TFL.

    • Colgate actually reads both the DE and LB for the power/ sweep read. If either one widens the QB keeps the Ball. The difficult coaching part of this is the OG pull – trap 1st – LB 2nd.

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