Sweep Read play that attacks both perimeters

The realm of packaged plays just seems to keep expanding.  We have used a play that reads one edge and blocks the perimeter for jet sweep and has pin and pull blocking for the quarterback to keep and run sweep the opposite way.

The play is diagrammed below:

sweep sweep


In the first video, the QB sees the DE he is reading widen with the jet sweep, so he keeps it back the other way getting behind his pullers out on the perimeter.

The next clip show the end being blocked.  The running back was wrong on this play.  We wanted him to go to the perimeter.  His man was the defender that caused a fumble, but you can see how this play develops going to the jet sweep side.

This fit for us as part of a wildcat package with a dynamic quarterback.  It does provide another nice constraint play for the power read.



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3 thoughts on “Sweep Read play that attacks both perimeters

  1. it is a nice way of reading the DEnd, but what I don’t like about it is, that both plays are not really a good complement for each other. yes, you attack both perimeters and thus stretch the defense vertically. but the DE is not really put in conflict, because it’s not really his assignment to stop the pin&pull-sweep away from him. it doesn’t add anything to the dash in regards to the DEnd.
    I’d rather read an interior DLineman, who has to decide, if he is going for the sweeper or stays put to defend his gap, like Oregon does with their sweep-read of the noseguard. It also gives you the good old advantage of the option that you don’t have to block a strong NG to make the P&P go.

  2. my HS team did something similar, where we would use a pin and pull sweep, but leave the BSB unblocked and read him. if he filled, we would throw stick or a “pop” to our tight Y. pinning and pulling works really well with reading away from mike, or RAM (stick draw, sweep pop, all that), and that could be a lot more effective here. Because the mike has a much greater role in defending each play, it would be better to read him than a DE.

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