Power Read for a non-running quarterback

My former quarterback who is leaving to play his 5th season in Europe contacted me about the power read and asked if it would be possible to do it without running the quarterback by pitching to a receiver coming underneath the backside pulling guard.

He will serve as the quarterback and offensive coordinator for a team in Switzerland.  When he played for us we ran a little of the shovel option with power blocking, as well as a ton of zone read.  Because he is recovering from achilles surgery, he is trying to do less running this season.

If you are not familiar with the shovel option, it can be viewed below.

shovel opt wide


shovel opt tight

We actually toyed with this idea during the season, but actually never put it into the game plan.  The play is blocked exactly like power read, and the defensive end is stretched and the decision is made off of his reaction the same way.  However, instead of planting and getting up field on the keep, the quarterback pitches to the man underneath.  The diagram is below:

Power read shovel

Looking at the play and seeing what we did in the few practice reps we gave it, the quarterback could really stretch the mesh on the defensive end, because he doesn’t have to run up inside.  It is somewhat safe as well because if there is any danger, he can shovel it into the ground.

The theory seems sound on this on play, but I have never run it in a game.  If you have tried this and have video, let me know.


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