On AFM: Stress the Defense with Quarterback Power

QB Power Musky Wide

Over the past four years, we have used some form of our power scheme with the quarterback as a runner. This has served as a play for us both with our starter in the game as well as part of a wildcat package.

Our initial use of it started as part of wildcat package when our starter’s style and skill set was more of a pro style drop back quarterback. While he was a capable as a runner, we saw his primary function as that of a distributer. His job was to get the ball out quickly, and when it was a run to be selling and setting up play action.

Our second team quarterback had the skill set of a runner, so we utilized wildcat packages to highlight and emphasize his abilities. We built his package around two different thought processes. First, we knew that because he was also a quarterback, we probably would not see cover zero. If we did, he was more than capable of hurting the defense with his passing ability. The video below emphasizes his ability as a passer. In this particularly game we used this exact set to run the ball the majority of the time, but in this play we protect and let him hurt the defense as a passer. The safeties filled tentatively after he showed what he could do as a passer, and opened up the run…more

Learn more about our offense in my iBook for the iPad & Mac 101+ Pro Style Pistol Offense Plays available here on the iBookstore.  It contains over 229 pieces of dynamic content including diagrams and over 30 minutes of game film.  The ideas shared can apply to any offense.




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