Pin & Pull Resources

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Pin and Pull has been a great play to allow us to get the ball out on the perimeter with force.  Here are a list of resources beginning with my own.  I have a detailed chapter on pin and pull in my iBook 101+ Pro Style Pistol Offense Plays for the iPad and Mac. Here are some Pin and Pull Resources to aid you in learning more about the scheme:

From Me:

My article on AFM

Pin and Pull from the Spread

Trailer on my AFM Video on Pin&Pull

Sweep Read that Attacks Both Perimeters

Use the Proper Tool-Pulling Technique

Smart Football/Chris Brown:

Outside Zone Variant:  Pin & Pull

Sweep Read Play

Colt’s Stretch Play


Sweep Read Play

Strong Football

Loosening Up the Box


Pin & Pull Scheme Cut-Ups

Pin & Pull Cut-ups

Auburn Buck Sweep

Complementing the Power O

Offensive Line-Sweep Pulls

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