Follow-up on Power Read for a Non-Running QB

Recently I posted an article about adjusting the power read for a non running quarterback.  (Read it here).  The power read with the QB as a runner was very effective in every game in 2013.  We ran it 62 times for 429 yards (6.9 yd. avg.).  It was 60% efficient (runs of 4 yards or better) and we had 16 runs of 10 yards or more.

There is a way to run it that allows the quarterback to stay out of the run game if that is what is necessary or preferred.  The diagram below shows how this concept can be incorporated in a way the quarterback doesn’t have to run inside.

Power read shovel


I asked for readers to provide any film that shows this type of play in action.  Fortunately, Andrew Coverdale had experimented with this play, and provided a video clip to illustrate the potential of this play.

Power read shovel

Read more about the power scheme and the details to run it in 101+ Pro Style Pistol Offense Plays available for the Mac or iPad.  The chapter on power  includes diagrams, presentations, and game video on Power as well as many other effective concepts for any offense, not just the pistol.  It’s a football resource like no other.


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