ON AFM: Different Personalities of Zone Read

Rob6 Keep Tight

Last month, the focus was on Zone Read with a lead blocker. This month we will continue the focus on zone read, but see how it can be packaged with different reads and passing game components from quick screens to short routes that attack the void left by defenders committing to stop the run.

There are a number of different techniques and rules on how to block inside zone or what some coaches refer to as tight zone. If you are already running zone, then do what you do. The purpose is to focus on how you make that run scheme more effective as the defense schemes different ways to stop it. Read more on inside zone: FB Zone and Multiple Run Game with Zone Schemes.

The most basic way to attack a defense is with the zone read-bubble from a trips formation. The defense is challenged by both how they will defend the zone run and the bubble. The play can attack on both perimeters (the bubble and the quarterback keep) as well as the middle of the defense with the inside zone.  Read more.


Learn more about our version of the pistol offense in 101+ Pro Style Pistol Offense Plays available for the iPad and Mac.  It contains great ideas for any offense.


One thought on “ON AFM: Different Personalities of Zone Read

  1. great post, i always wondered what the thinking and the reads were behind this play, when chip kelly ran it with the ducks and eagles. this clarified a lot. thanks coach!

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