Constraint Play for Power Read

Colgate wrap

In studying game film from a previous season, I found a play that became of interest as we began to use the power read play more and more.  We were looking for constraint plays for the power read play and other than the pop pass to the tight end, we didn’t have many plays that worked off of the power read backfield action.

Colgate appears to be reading the frontside end.  The play would be diagrammed as follows.  The read player is outlined in red.

Colgate wrap

We were putting the play in at the end of the season, so we wanted to avoid the time on task the read would require.  Our plan included blocking the defensive end who was the read in Colgate’s scheme.  As the week progressed, we like the ice of pulling the guard as we do on power read to provide a false key and influence the linebacker to the play side.

Wrap vs Berg

The play show some really good potential.  We were left one on one with the safety and ended up just short of the end zone.  Below are tight view clips from practice and the game.

The power read is a play that can put stress on a defense.  Finding plays that complement it make it even more effective.

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