On USA Football: The base play provides structure for your offense

I’m writing a blog for USA Football and I am excited about the opportunity.  Here is the first post:

Going back to older systems such as the wing-t and the run and shoot, series football dominated offensive thinking. Each play as part of a series looked the same in backfield action and allowed for a progression in how the defense was attacked. It created a sense of “if-then” — if one play was defended a certain way, then the next play in the series was the answer. Series football is possible in any offense if a linear way of thinking that is set up. In the system we used while I was at the high school level, we made the stretch play more than just a base play. It was the starting point for our structure. As close as possible, all of our runs and play-action passes were based off of looking like a stretch in initial backfield action. The idea was to get the defense reacting a certain way, then developing plays off of the same look. If the defense stopped the stretch a certain way, then we had the answer in another play. – Read more


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