On USA Football: Consolidate concepts for more efficient teaching and thought process

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As an offense, we used to carry certain route packages for certain coverages. This led to a long menu of route concepts, which made it difficult in practice planning as well as play calling on game day. In searching for a better answer, we evolved to carrying five concepts that we could tag to be able to get more out of each concept’s structure. From a passing game perspective, this is similar to how we treated our run game.

In our system, we basically mirror routes from 2-by-2 and a separate structure of 3-by-1 concepts. The mirrored routes carry a mentality of telling the quarterback to pick a side presnap and work it. We have some routes that bring a receiver across on a shallow or drag, but most are the standard 2-by-2 routes such as curl and smash. We still carry curl and smash combinations within what we do, but they no longer exist as a separate concept. In making this change, we have streamlined our thought process for the quarterbacks and allowed ourselves to have more a focused game plan and practice repetitions. Using different tags within each concept, we allow our quarterbacks to make simple adjustments to routes to allow for a better combination against what the defense is showing.

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