On USA Football: create multiplicity with formations

While a team may use only a limited amount of formations during a season, having the ability to utilize different formations while integrating with different personnel makes an offense adaptable. Terminology needs to be flexible as well. As a team adapts different concepts into its structure, it all has to fit logically. Our program was looking to cut down on a huge number of schemes but maintain multiplicity. We needed to build a system that allowed us to do more with less, to be diverse in formations and motions. We needed to create a system that allowed us the flexibility to take advantage of our personnel. We wanted our offense to focus around schemes and concepts that could be used in a multitude of formations, where we could line up in a double wing or with four wide and it did not affect what was going on up front with our linemen….read more

Learn about our formations system using tag words in The Zone Offense: Create a Structured System


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