On USA Football: Develop counters and constraints

My next article in a series of developing an offensive system is up on USA Football.  The series of articles presents ideas on building an offensive system that are further detailed in my newest book The Zone Offense:  Create a Structured System.  

The base play provides structure for your offense

Find the details that can enhance your offense

Create multiplicity with formations

Consolidate concepts for more efficient teaching and thought process

Once you establish a base play as a starting point for your offense, it becomes clear as to what answers a defense needs to stop the base play.

Develop constraints and counters for your base play:

As discussed in “The base play provides structure for your offense,” establishing a starting point gives you a thought process for play calling. The stretch play was the starting point for our thought process. We wanted to get the defense moving laterally to stop our intentions of getting the ball to the perimeter with the stretch play…read more

My first book 101+ Pro Style Pistol Offense Plays is available as the entire series or in chapters by play.



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