On USA Football : Stressing dual responsibility defenders with play action

On USA Football:

During the last several posts, we have discussed establishing a base play, using formations, developing multiple pass concepts and creating counters off of the base play. A fully rounded attacked will include effective play action passes off of the base plays and counters.

We have several passing actions built off of our entire run game. This article will focus on how we pair our run game with a boundary flood concept. This is a single illustration. Within our system, we have created a structure that allows us to marry any run concept with any dropback concept. Our mode of play calling involves using wristbands. Previously, we used code words, but we felt that we wanted to be very clear in communicating what we want. While a play call may seem wordy at times, only certain blocks of the information speak to certain players. This mode can be done without wristbands as well. This will be a topic in future articles.

Stressing dual responsibility defenders

One advantage we have in this method is that we stress dual action defenders to the maximum. In giving a full run fake, a linebacker or safety who must respect the run first is given nothing but a run key from the entire interior of the offense. Read more

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