On AFM: The X Factor – utilizing your singled up receiver

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On American Football Monthly:

In many offensive systems, the receiver on the line of scrimmage, away from the formation strength is called the “X” receiver. For many teams, this is their best receiver. He is a player that can force double coverage or bracketing. His role is to win on his routes, especially when he draws single coverage. Many of today’s defenses match this player by putting their best cover corner on him. The advantage created by the X can be realized when a specific plan of action is in place to attack the defense who leaves him singled up. By making him a focus, the ball can end up in his hands for a big play, or he can create a situation where another player is able to get open because of the defense’s reaction or strategy to stop the X.

The X in Quick game – stick and dash wheel

The basic way to use the X in the quick game attack is to give the quarterback and X the ability to communicate leverage and execute the quick game routes of hitch, slant, quick out, in, and fade. Each of these can be packaged in a number of ways into other routes. Our two favorites were to utilize them with a spread 3 x 1 formation and the stick route combination on the trips side, and with our quick-naked concept which we called Dash Wheel from a tight end-trips formation…read more



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