Systematize your offense with small but important changes

Screen Shot 2014-03-19 at 4.32.13 PM

In 2004, we went through a process where we went back to the drawing board with our offense.  We implemented the zone running game into our offense, which was an important step in rewriting the school’s record books, and producing the state’s leading rusher, but more importantly, we created a system that had the answers for everything we needed from week-to-week and year-to-year to attack our opponent’s defense.

My new iBook The Zone Offense:  Create a Structured System explains the process we used step-by-step and provides a game plan to rethink the structure and teaching of your own offense regardless of the system.  The plan is detailed in a clear and concise manner. The zone running game serves as the basis and example in explaining and illustrating the process.  Create a Structured System has you look at what you have set up already and helps you analyze and find places where you can create multiplicity with small changes.  The goal is to create an attack that is efficient and effective in both implantation and adjustment.

If the zone running game is your interest, then this is the ultimate resource for learning and installing it.  Volume 1 gives the details of the stretch play and explains how we used that one concept to set up our entire offense (it averaged 10.3 ypc).

You will not be disappointed in the detail and format used in this multitouch book.  the technology and the platform work together to teach the concept in a very dynamic manner.  The iBook is loaded with content and coaching points.  Nearly 700 slides worth of interactive and hyperlinked presentations and a total of 51 minutes of video give the details.

Get it for your iPad or Mac here.



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