On USA Football: Planning and Practicing Goal Line Offense


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On USA Football:

Success on the goal line is critical. In general, coming away with a field goal when you have driven down inside the opponent’s 5-yard line is a win for the defense. The challenge in this is determining the personnel and play package that will be used. Because it’s an area that you might end up running only three to five plays a game in, there is a balancing act in practicing it properly as well. Operating as a pro style pistol offense that utilized many spread and one back elements, we found we were most comfortable  converting our play concepts into an under center, multiple tight end application of our offense. The starting point Our starting point is operating from a winged, double tight, I formation. If for some reason we don’t have a tight end or fullback who could be used in this situation, we borrow a player from the defense or split one receiver. The examples you will see incorporate both a flanker and a wing. Fundamentally, how we block the play does not change. To be efficient in practicing this situation, our initial installation of plays is to one side only from one formation. We add the opposite side for the play incrementally throughout the season. Much of this philosophy involved running behind our best player…read more. 



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