On USA Football: Tempo tools for any offense

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On USA Football:

Many teams view tempo as something that is used exclusively for no-huddle teams. In many coaches’ eyes, tempo is only for the team trying to run 80 plays a game. On the other end of the specturm, a ball-control team looking to win time of possession doesn’t need to use tempo. With times I consult with whether huddle or go no huddle, I have tempo tools that I suggest for a team operating under either procedure. These tools are effective in any type of team’s attack.


Having the ability to communicate to your team to get up to the ball and run the exact same play again is an effective way to continue to exploit a defense when you feel you have them exactly where you want them. The procedure for us is simple: We have a code word that is signaled in to the entire offense and relayed to everyone. It tells them to align in the same formation and run the exact same play as soon as the ball is spotted. If the previous play has motion, the player who went in motion simply aligns in the spot that he motioned to…read more

Be a more efficient and effective coach with this innovative tool:

Football Play Card

Football Play Card


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