Don’t wait until the season.  Start your game prep now!

Football Play Card Printed

Football Play Card is the product I have been looking for for years.  Anything that takes the tedium out of my time is of great value.  While drawing and preparing scout cards is a necessary function of game preparation, I never felt it was the best use of my time as a coach.  There were other things I could do to better serve my team.

Football Play Card turns what was once hours of work into minutes.  Right now is the optimal time to create your database of scout cards for the season.  Pulling and printing scout cards, or even better, loading them to your iPad and saving printing costs, will be simple when the season hits if you put in a little work now.  As the school year ends and you have more time to be a football coach, putting time into this project now will help you spend more time on watching film and coaching your players during the season.

Read more about Football Play Card here.  This is a solution well worth the time and money.  Having the extra hours available in season will prove valuable as you are able to focus on the things that help you be more effective as a coach.


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