On AFM: Optimal Ways to Run to Zone Schemes – Part 1: IZ to the 1 Technique; OZ to the 3

When I installed the zone running game in 2004, Coach Bill Mountjoy wasn’t my original resource.  However, I got to know him on Coach Huey and Jerry Campbell Football, and as I refined our use of the zone running game, I picked up many coaching points and strategies from Coach Mountjoy.  It’s a privilege to share some of his knowledge in my post on American Football Monthly.  Learn more about the zone running game in my two iBooks: 101+ Pro Style Pistol Offense Plays and The Zone Running Game:  Create a Structured System. Both resources are filled with detailed information, interactive presentations, and game film.


Since I incorporated the zone scheme into my offense in 2004, one of the common questions I get is, “Which side is the best to run inside or outside zone to?” It’s also been the topic of many friendly debates.

In this two part series, we will look at the rationale behind running the zone in different ways, how it meshes with personnel, and what the objective is in doing it in each way.

In part one, retired coach Bill Mountjoy explains his rationale for running inside zone to a one technique down lineman, and outside zone to a three technique down lineman. Mountjoy has a wealth of knowledge and experience with the zone running game. He bases much of what he believes and did on his learning from some of the best coaches of the running game including Joe Bugel and Alex Gibbs…read more


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