On USA Football: Educated Freedom – Teaching players to maximize effectiveness

On USA Football:

About 15 years ago I started using Andrew Coverdale’s resources on the quick passing game.  Coverdale is currently the offensive coordinator at Trinity High School in Louisville, Kentucky.  Within one of his books he introduced the concept of educated freedom.  This principle is something I began incorporating in my systems soon after.  The principle, as stated by Coverdale is simply this, “The receiver’s single most important job is to get open.  We do not want any assignment to be so rigid that it makes it impossible for this basic priority to be fulfilled.”

In other words, we don’t want a player to run his route, pick his running lane, or execute his blocking assignment simply because it is drawn that way on the diagram.  Diagrams are static, but what happens on the field is very dynamic.  The lines are rarely straight.  There are subtle adjustments needed to gain leverage …read more

Please check out my iBooks.  These present an innovative way to learn the game.    101+ Pro Style Pistol Offense Plays and The Zone Running Game:  Create a Structured System. Both resources are filled with detailed information, interactive presentations, and game film.

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