Make a play concept multiple by utilizing personnel, formations and motions

Please check out my interactive books.  These present an innovative way to learn the game.    101+ Pro Style Pistol Offense Plays and The Zone Running Game:  Create a Structured System. Both resources are filled with detailed information, interactive presentations, and game film.

QB Power Musky Wide

For an offensive concept to make its way into our system, it must meet certain criteria. In general, we want a running game concept to be able to do the following: Be run from multiple formations Utilize multiple personnel groups Be run to a tight end side and split end or open side Have an added dynamic when motion is utilized The plays we utilize that meet that criteria for us are inside zone, outside zone, power, counter and pin and pull sweep. While we usually favor three to four of these in any particular season, these runs are in our menu because we can use them in multiple ways to attack any defense. Let’s look at the power concept to illustrate our thought process. For us, it starts with defining each run. Power is a one- or two-back gap blocked play designed to attack the A-gap out. It is used to create angles and displace gaps versus penetrating situations. Read more…


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