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I received this email from Brendan Reilly, CEO of EON Sports Virtual Reality with the subject line “Important Information Needed to Win.”  Obviously, this is an email that was sent out to thousands of coaches, but I felt it was worth posting on this blog.  EON is on the cutting edge of using technology to give players and a team an advantage.

At the end of the 2006 season, while I was at the high school level, we knew we had to develop more experience at the linebacker position for the next season.  We weren’t sure JV reps would be enough to prepare a young group to play on the varsity level. Toward the end of the season I had our video guy shoot video from behind the linebackers in all inside run drills.  We were going to use the video on our floor-to-ceiling video screen and have our young linebackers take their steps to their run fits.  It was a primitive form of virtual reality.

Since meeting Brendan Reilly and receiving a demo I have been both impressed by the virtual reality technology and excited about what it can do to help train players and make the game better.  Reilly’s email is below, as are links to his site and his contact information if you are interested.


Injuries, the other team’s schemes, player’s decisions during games, weather, etc.  There are a lot of things you cannot control.

But there is one thing….experience from repetitions. 
Turns out that has a HUGE impact on how your team will do this upcoming year. Take these stats into account:
– Below 7 returning offensive starters and your team’s odds for this season having as many or more wins than last season drops to or below 50%
– Anything less than 16 returning starters and your team average more losses and the odds of the same or improved record next year dip under 50%
– Returning 17 or more total starters and your odds jump to nearly 71% for having as good or better win total in the upcoming year

We’ve been going around the country testing QB’s as a part of our QB Challenge.  The results so far have been unreal.  In some cases we’ve seen an increase of 60% decision making, with an average of 30% improvement.  A snapshot of our KC Challenge is attached.

If you would like to have an EON Sports rep come to your school and train your QB’s for free, or call 323-813-6687.
Screen Shot 2014-04-10 at 1.16.19 PM
Please check out my interactive books.  These present an innovative way to learn the game.    101+ Pro Style Pistol Offense Plays and The Zone Running Game:  Create a Structured System. Both resources are filled with detailed information, interactive presentations, and game film.

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