Detroit Lions using new technology


Technology in football seems to be the new frontier in which teams will make huge gains in learning how to utilize all the advancements in an efficient way.  The innovations range from teaching and coaching methods to real time feedback about a players performance and health and safety.  It’s an exciting time in football.  Those who can learn to adapt this in a way that it makes them more effective without adding more work to their already full plate will be the ones who really capitalize on this ever expanding front.

It will be interesting to see how all of this shapes the game especially as new technologies becomes scalable and affordable for small college and high school football.

Here is an article giving some information about what the Lions are using to provide real time feedback on their players with a tracking system that uses radio frequency. Read about it in Forbes as well.

Lions team President noted the technology will provide benefits.  “I think it will unquestionably provide value. We’ve seen what we’ve done internally that it provides a significant amount of value to test old theories, to form new theories based on facts not on observations,’’ Lewand said. “I think some of the applications in testing I’ve seen on the consumer side is fascinating. It should be fun.’’

My company Coaches Edge Technologies has some exciting developments for coaches.  We will be launching the company soon, and we are thrilled about the value we can add for coaches.

Please check out my interactive books.  These present an innovative way to learn the game.    101+ Pro Style Pistol Offense Plays and The Zone Running Game:  Create a Structured System. Both resources are filled with detailed information, interactive presentations, and game film.

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