Offensive Ideas & Tools to Help Your Team Win in 2014

Gonzalez Cover part 1

Not many offensive resources give you information that can be applied immediately.  Most take some work and problem solving to be able to fit the idea within your system.

If you have been exposed to the materials Dan Gonzalez has created in his first two books, you know he is innovative and gives all the details you need to implement his system.  What he has created in his interactive book are tools that are easily applied to your offense.  His new interactive book is Coaching Concepts:  Developing an Offensive System Part 1 – The Need for Change.  

I’ve mentioned navigation tags in a previous post.  I am very excited about this concept as a cutting edge offensive tool.  In addition, he provides offensive axioms.  If you make sure your game plan and design fits these axioms, you will definitely increase your offense’s chance for success.

Finally, Gonzalez expands beyond what has become the go to packaged play for a lot of teams – stick/draw.  He includes video and details on stick draw, as well as two other packaged plays which are simple to implement.

As he has done before, Dan Gonzalez has created a powerful resource for you coaching library.

Get Dan’s book on your iPad or Mac.

Coaching Concepts:  Developing an Offensive System Part 1 – The Need for Change.  


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