Homer Smith has a great series of football manuals which he wrote in the 1990’s.  The concept and principles still apply today.  At the end of his manual simply titled ” History,” he writes about Bear Bryant.  His description captures what it truly means to be a great coach:


No matter how good a coach’s ideas are, they will be countered by other ideas.  Coaching intelligence is a wash.
A genius is Paul “Bear” Bryant, who takes nothing away from his team to satisfy his own ego, speaks every word as though his players will hear it, subtly insured that his assistant get the credit, lives the pursuit of victory, demands that everyone who touches his team helps the ten grow, speaks only the truth about the effort it takes to win, has special tables at meals for his best hitters, when one game is under control, thinks about doing things that will help him win the next game.
Men of his ilk will probably continue to be few and far between.

I am excited that we will be remaking all of Coach Homer Smith’s manuals – Coaching Offensive Football (all 17 of them), adding animations of the concepts he shares as well as game film, and a modern adaptation of the concept from today’s coaches.

I have been working with some great coaches to put together interactive coaching manuals that blend text, diagrams, animations and videos.  While I would have liked to release those earlier, there are great concepts in each manual that are worth learning now.

Dan Gonzalez shares his knowledge in Developing an Offensive System – Part 1:  The Need for Change.  I’ve shared my thoughts on his navigation tags.  It’s a cutting edge tool that can be adapted to improve any offense right now.

Bill Renner is an authority on kicking and punting.  He has created a manual on each topic.  His manual, Core Drills for Developing Football Kicking Skills is available now.  He does a great job in teaching you exactly what to do to develop a kicker.  He also released a book on protecting the QB from spread formations.  The video and teaching are outstanding.  Again, he is able to share his knowledge in a clear and concise way.  This protection has only allowed an average of 1.1 sacks per game over the last decade.  Check out Pass Protections from No TE Formations.  

Rob Zeitman has developed one of the most potent rushing attacks in NCAA Division II football.  His teams averages 317 yards per game on the ground.  He shares his base running game concepts, the inside veer and the midline from the short pistol or what he likes to call “The Show Gun” offense.  The Show Gun Offense: Inside Veer is available now.

The first book in this dynamic format is my book titled 101+ Pro Style Pistol Offense Plays.  I have released this by chapter as well as creating a version of the play action chapter for the iPhone.  My second book provides a template for setting up the structure of your offense to turn it into a system rather than a collection of plays.  It’s the first of a 4-part series.  Get The Zone Offense:  Create a Structured System for your iPad or Mac.

I am excited to share our ever growing library.  Other “coming soon” titles are just a glimpse of what we will be offering.  Check out the entire website:


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