Statement from Joe Gibbs on running your best play


Bill Mountjoy passes along a lot of great information. Yesterday he sent this short quote from Joe Gibbs.

“We run the same play from 30 different formations, because I believe that repetition is the key to success, and because I am convinced that defense is based on recognition of formations”.

That is great advice to remember as you progress through the season.  Find new ways to do what you do best, but always stick with what you do best.  That principle is at the core of what I have developed and taught over the years.  My interactive book  The Zone Offense: Create a Structured System lays out a plan and framework to do exactly that.  We found ways to run our best play from every personnel grouping and formation, and it averaged 10.3 yards per carry.

Check out my other interactive books available now.  A full library will be available for the offseason.  The books available now offer ideas that are useful in season. Check them out on my company’s website:


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