Practice tip: In-season drills must have focus and purpose

On USA Football:

You’ve been through the grueling weeks of camp when fundamentals were taught and concepts were learned. At this point in the season, the drills that teach a single skill need to be repurposed to include multiple fundamentals and techniques. Doing this saves time and allows coaches to focus on specific techniques and strategies that must be employed to beat this week’s opponent. Before proceeding into the setup of specific drills, here are some general parameters for deciding on what will be worked and how to set it up. Make the drill game specific. In other words, if it doesn’t happen on the field or isn’t teaching the muscle memory and application on game day, the drill has little value. This starts with making sure your warm-up drills – usually done with little or no equipment – have specificity. Most important is that the players understand how that drill appears on the field. Visualization of what is happening in a real situation adds value. In the videos below the drill is shown, then the game application of the drill follows…read more.

The following video included in this article is from my interactive book The Zone Offense:  Build a Base detailing the specifics of the inside zone play.  It is packed with game and drill video, animations, and information on using the zone play and building an offensive system.  It will be released early in the off season.

My company, Coaches Edge Technologies is dedicated to providing in-depth coaching materials so that we can help build a better coach, a better, player, and a better team. Check out our website for cutting edge materials that can help you right now.


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