Know the rules: Manziel “catch” illegal on all levels

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Regardless of the illegal motion, Manziel’s play is illegal on all levels from youth football to the NFL, although most, including officials, don’t know the rule. Deception in simulating a substitution is illegal.

I’m sure this play will be replicated this week. If you are thinking about using it, don’t. It will get called back if the opposing team knows the rule. If it happens to you, have the rule book ready and get get it called back.

NFL Rule:


HS Rule:



More explanation:

Example of illegal “hideout” ND vs. USC, October 2009:

Explanation from

The Pac-10 has come back to USC with favorable rulings on several penalty calls in Saturday’s Notre Dame game.

On the Irish’s fake field goal attempt in the first quarter, Pac-10 officiating coordinator Dave Cutaia has determined that it in fact was an illegal substitution. The player in question was ruled to be among the substitutes leaving the field and stopped about three yards from the sideline, which makes this play illegal. The penalty should have been five yards and a redo of the down, which would have made it 4th-and-7 from the 32-yard line. Instead, Notre Dame used the play to reach the 2-yard line and set up a touchdown one play later.

Clemson vs.Miami 2009:

Trick play used town Michigan hs state championship:



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