Quarterback Timing and the Scramble: Get the ball out like Peyton Manning and Scramble like Russell Wilson


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On USA Football:

Retired coach Bill Mountjoy recently shared these quotes on the quarterback scramble:

Sid Gillman said,  “Passing is timing.  It’s the ability to stand in there and take a chance on a beating by the pass rush until the right time comes to let go of the ball.  Nothing is important except releasing the ball at the right instance.  Therefore, accuracy means less than guts.”

Steve Spurrier on “scrambling” said, ”We don’t have that play!”

Bobby Bowden’s thought on “scrambling”:

The question is, “Do you have a drill for your quarterback as far as scrambling for receivers?”  et me tell you what we do.  That’s a good question right there, and if you throw a lot, it is very worth doing, practicing.  Did you want to know if we have a scramble drill to teach him how to scramble?  No we don’t because we don’t want our quarterbacks scrambling.  Let me tell you this…the guttiest thing in football is a quarterback who will take the ball back here and set and hold it right here and start to release it when a guy is fixing to drill him.

It’s hard to argue with the philosophy of Gillman, Spurrier, or Bowden.  On the other hand, it does happen, and it pays to have a plan when it does happen.  This can be handled in teaching different escapes points in the protection, as well as drilling it within different d[passing concepts after simulating a breakdown in either the routes or the protection.  For more on how to do this and the drills, see Get more out of your 7-on-7 drills.

Gillman, Spurrier, and Bowden stress the point of showing poise and composure, having eyes down field and working through the progression, and delivering the ball on time. It’s better to have a quarterback who can do this than the quarterback who can scramble and create.  The quarterback delivering the ball on time has benefits…read more

Read Bowden’s entire comment on scrambling:



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