Bill Walsh Openers: Start the game off right by scripting your opening plays



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At the midpoint of the season, you probably have a good feel for what you do well and what needs to improve. With the data you have about your own team and your opponents, establishing an opening sequence of plays may work well to set your game plan and get your offense into an early rhythm. Bill Walsh mastered the opening sequence. In his early days, Paul Brown would ask him for a few plays. Walsh expanded that list to 10 to 12 plays when he was with the San Diego Chargers. The list grew to 20 at Stanford University and finally 25 with the San Francisco 49ers. Walsh believed: “Your ability to think concisely, your ability to make good judgments is much easier on Thursday night than during the heat of the game. So we prefer to make our decisions related to the game almost clinically, before the game is ever played. … Without question you can make more objective decisions during the week as to what you would do in the game than you can spontaneously as the game is being played. To be honest with you, you are in a state of stress, sometimes you are in a state of desperation and you are asked to make very calculated decisions. It is rarely done in warfare and certainly not in football; so your decisions made during the week are the ones that make sense.” Walsh makes a compelling argument for scripting the beginning of the game. I have heard the opposing argument as well, that offense needs to flow and that cannot always be predicted…read more



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