Adjusting practice periods to meet second half of season needs

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Keep it fresh by varying practice segments
With many teams now in the second half of the season, it’s worth looking at adjustments to practices and how they can break up the routine that has been created. Little changes can help keep players on their toes and mentally sharp. By this point, players have come to understand the routine which has both benefits and drawbacks. The routine is good because it promotes efficiency. Unfortunately, whether we like it or not as coaches, it creates boredom. Players learn how to perform in those periods, and in some situations, it takes the real game feel out of certain practice periods. Two ares in which we found slight adjustments could be made were in our group periods of inside run and 7 on 7.

At this point, the scout team gets pretty good at understanding the offense and playing the play. In order to create a more realistic situation, we changed adjusted periods in our second practice of the week to create a more game like environment for running our plays. We use Tuesdays to install our base offense. Up to this part of the season, we will use inside run, 7 on 7, and team periods to accomplish this. Wednesdays uses the same format with our base runs being repped in inside run, and 7 on 7 and team being focused on our situational offense. In the second half, we found adjusting our Wednesday practice had some advantages…read more.


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