Coaches: help needed with concussion study


I’m fortunate to reach a pretty wide audience of high school football coaches through this site, American Football Monthly, and USA Football. This post is a request for your help. I would like to gather video of the plays in which a concussion occurred. I know this is a busy time of the year, so even if you can help post season, that would be great.

I’d like to be able to use the video submitted to help solve some of the problems causing the concussion issue. If possible, please find the plays where you had a player(s) sustain a concussion. I am hoping to find a common thread in the type of hits causing the concussion so that we can adjust how we teach technique if necessary. I’m sure a portion of these will be the obvious, like a head to head concussion or a blind side hit. However it occurred, I would be interested in seeing it. My hope is to categorize these and share with all coaches, doctors, and anyone who is interested in helping.

I have a hudl account for this purpose, so a hudl exchange will work. Please email me at

Thanks in advance for your help. I hope together we can all make a difference in making the game we love safer and better. Please pass this request on to fellow coaches.

Keith Grabowski


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