Football Grading Systems Resources

Innovative Football Resources:

Friday night provides the test.  Other than Win-Loss, how is it evaluated?  Most coaches grade film to give players feedback and determine what work needs to be done in the next week.  If you aren’t grading film, you are missing some opportunities to improve player performance.  Here are a few resources to consider. Coaches always look for ways to improve.

Coach Floyd Film Grading Tool

Coach Floyd Film Grading 

Quarterback Grading System – This us the system I use to grade quarterbacks in practice and in the game.  It helps me determine exactly what each quarterback needs to work on.

Practice Grading System – This is a great way to give your team feedback on practice.  It is easy to calculate watching film and helps create a focus in practice.  This is very useful in the second half of the season.

One-Two-Three system

Grading Youth Football

Grade Technique and Effort to Help Players Improve by Tom Bass

+/- Grading in Hudl

Think and Perform in the Positive:  Grading Systems that Motivate and Create Positive Results

Article on NFL Offensive Line Grading

Offensive Line Grading Sheet

Tom Landry Team Grading System

Coach Huey Threads

Defensive Grading System


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