Increase effort and execution with tangible practice standards

Innovative Football Resources:

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On USA Football:

At this time of the season, many teams fight two battles: the battle of routine and the battle of fatigue. For the first team offense, routine is the enemy. Finding ways to keep the first team focused is essential. For the scout team, it is the battle of fatigue. Those players are to the point where they may be looking ahead to next season because they are tired of playing scout team or maybe they are just worn down and the reward of getting on the field under the lights isn’t immediate to them. Both battles must be fought in order to get the best performance out of your team. Setting up some tangible practice standards can help win both battles as it gives focus to everyone on the team. The measurables emphasize both effort and execution and work to overcome a lackluster performance out of the scout team. As long as you can get the proper alignment and assignment that is drawn on the scout card, then your players can understand the schemes and concepts that they are executing regardless of the performance of the scout team players…read more


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