Putting Together and Practicing a Game Plan


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The season has reached the point where you’ve been able to see plenty of film on opponents and you know what they will do against certain formations and in certain situations. Of course, the opponent knows the same things about you.

With rivalry games ahead or playoffs starting, now is a time to get the most out of your offense by planning and making decisions that allow you to stay one step ahead of the opponent.

We have used a simple process for making decisions early in the week that allow us to get the practice repetitions that will ensure the proper execution on game day. Even though you may have run an expansive offense over the course of the season as you have found variations and tags to attack certain opponents, thinking you have that wide menu of plays can lead to confusion for both the play caller and the players. The fact is that there are only a limited amount of practice repetitions available, and you will only call about 60 plays in the game.

We have been able to force discipline on our process by limiting ourselves through a limited amount of plays that will appear on our call sheet on game day. We do this with what we call our ‘game plan board.’

The game plan board gives us a set number of plays which we can carry and feel confident in practicing over the course of the week. We are a concept based teaching team. This means we teach all of the concepts and formations in camp in August, and in the course of the season, our players will learn how to apply the concepts to different formations, personnel groups, and situational offense. During the season, we have two full padded practices and one practice in helmet and shoulder pads that puts the focus on timing rather than contact…read more

Game Planning Resources Page


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