Here’s how to teach Notre Dame’s pick play without being penalized

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It’s crunch time in the season right now, and executing a critical play may be the difference between continuing the season or packing up the gear until next year. A season-shaping situation is exactly what happened this past Saturday. With the game on the line on fourth down an only seconds on the clock, Notre Dame scored what appeared to be the winning touchdown against Florida State, but a penalty flag negated the score, and Notre Dame suffered its first loss of the season. The ACC’s coordinator of football officials explained the rule and pointed out that offensive players are restricted from blocking downfield on a pass unless the ball is first touched behind the line of scrimmage. At 2:35 of the video below, the play is shown, and clearly the Notre Dame receiver is blocking downfield. This made the play illegal, and while it may be a controversial call, it is the correct call…read more

Screen Shot 2014-10-22 at 1.07.24 PM

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