A Bag of Tricks

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This is the last of a series of ideas to help your offense in-season. We’ve reached the point of the season where it’s “win or go home.” The teams that you face now are usually of equal or greater caliber. Solid offensive performances are still built around the core of what you do that has got you to this point. However, being able to strategically add an explosive play through the use of some kind of deceptive or trick can provide the spark plug you need to overcome your opponent.

When to Use a Trick

There are several philosophies on using trick plays. Some coaches like to use them early when players are keyed up and likely to react aggressively. If you are playing a team that comes out with a lot of aggression and emotion, then early in the game might be the time to use a trick play.
Other teams come out and play smart and are cool, calm and collected. Usually, these teams are trick plays aware and doing something early while they are physically and mentally fresh may not be the right time. Swinging for the fence early against these types of teams can backfire. Tricks against these teams need to be off a common look you are using in the game. You are looking to condition the defense into reacting to something you’ve done over and over, or using an alignment or situational tendency to create the opportunity you need….read more


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