Trick or treat: Tips and ideas for using a double pass

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We are reaching the point in the season when many teams are in a “win or pack up the equipment” situation. Finding a play that serves as a spark plug can prove valuable in beating a rival or moving forward in the playoffs. The double pass concept is a great play to get the defense out of position and hit a wide open receiver for a big gain or score. There are some considerations that must go into creating this play. The first thing to consider is the throwing hand of the second passer. In general, it is best to have the second passer receive the first pass on the opposite side of his throwing hand. For example, if the second passer is right handed, he should catch the ball on the left side. This allows him to catch the ball, set his feet and throw. If the passer is placed on the same side as his throwing hand, he will have to flip his hips to set his feet and throw. This is a negative for two reasons. First, the added time may allow for defenders to close the distance on the passer and either tackle him before the throw or distract him enough to cause an errant pass. Second, the added time to get the ball off can allow secondary defenders to recover and get to the receiver. The double pass concept can be utilized in a number of different ways. The strategy comes in how it is created with the formation and action to get receivers wide open. Here are some ideas. 


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