Post Season Analysis: Factors Affecting the Passing Game

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On American Football Monthly:

The off season gives a coaching staff the opportunity to go back and evaluate their work from the previous season.  Done in detail, the process can serve to identify the effectiveness of passing concepts.  By charting key data on each play, the coaching staff can pin point correct assignment and technique, as well as developing coaching points and drills to improve the effectiveness of the play.  Just looking at the statistical data only tells part of the story.  For example, our “Takeoff Change” concept on 3rd down and long (6+ yards to go) had a 72% conversion rate.  In general, that statistic tells us we should be calling that play more on third and long.  This might be true, but we have the opportunity to learn much more about that 72% and why it worked as well as why it didn’t.

Analyzing some factors can help us replicate or improve the success of this concept in the next season, as well as anticipate what the defense may do to adjust it.  We know the opponent will be studying our film as well, and seeing what stopped the play should be something we have a clear understanding of as well.   This process also works for concepts that were not successful.  Again, just seeing the completion rate or yards per attempt may not tell the whole story.  A few adjustments may make that concept effective.  The point is, quality control work must be done to get the whole picture…read more


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