New Read Game iBook


A few of you have informed me that you are having problems with the iBook The Pro Style Pistol Offense:  101 Read Game Plays.  If this has affected you please email me at  This is something on Apple’s end that we will get resolved.  In the mean time I am taking it off the iBookstore.  It should be resolved shortly.

Keith Grabowski

All other titles are available on the iBookstore.  You can find them here:

These manual blend text, diagrams and interactive (like Power Point) and give much more detail than you can get in a DVD or book separately.

Checkout the following:

Rob Zeitman’s Inside Veer.  Ferris State finished the season ranked #1 in the country in total offense

Bill Renner – Pass Protection for No TE Formations.  If you run the spread this is the protection you need.

Bill Renner – Core Drills For Developing Football Kicking Skills.  You need a kicking coach?  This manual solves that problem.  Specific techniques, feedback and workouts for kickers.

Dan Gonzalez Developing an Offensive System:  The Need for Change.  This is part 1 of a 4 part series.  This has more content and detail than any DVD.  Dan is on the cutting edge of new offense ideas.  Part 2 coming soon.

101+ Pro Style Pistol Offense Plays.  The first interactive coaching manual on iBooks. Downhill running game and play action.  All the details you need to run the plays illustrated.

The Zone Offense:  Create A Structured System.  This gives any offensive coach the details needed to structure an offensive system regardless of what scheme you prefer.  It illustrates the process through giving position by position details on running the stretch play.

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