The Blue Print – Dan Gonzalez’s new iBook


Dan Gonzalez’s 2nd part of his 4 part series is nearing release.  It is absolutely loaded with information.  The total minutes of video included is just over 2 hours. Gonzalez goes into detail on the essentials of putting together an offensive system through instructional video clips and interactives.  Also included are all of the raw game clips used in the instructional videos for your own review and study.  Interactive note taking, highlighting, as well as a section for you to diagram your own ideas make this the ideal product for learning cutting edge football information.  Get part 1 The Need for Change here.

Below is the list of dynamic content included.

Part 1 – Language:

Interactive 1.1 Personnel Overview

Movie 1.1 Moving the B 

Movie 1.2 Rob/Load motion to affect the defense

Interactive 1.2 Language in calling protections

Movie 1.3 Language example with QB protection 

Movie 1.4 The play call chain 

Movie 1.5 Attacking Seams of Zone/Separate Man 

Movie 1.6 An examination of numbered routes 

Interactive 1.4 Streak read vs. rotation

Movie 1.7 Pass and Run game decision making 

Movie 1.8 Tempo 

Interactive 1.5 Run game explanation

Movie 1.9 Drag as an outlet, Drag vs. Man 

Movie 1.10 Instructional language “one message” 

Movie 1.11 Assigning Personnel (1:18)

Interactive 1.6 Player development

Part 2 – Assembling Protections:

Movie 2.1 Myth-extra blocker equals extra time 

Movie 2.2 Myth-change the launch point 

Movie 2.3 Play Action/Movement 

Movie 2.4 Zone schemes eliminate 1 on 1s 

Movie 2.5 Black/Brown 

Movie 2.6 Gone (Gold/Green) protection 

Movie 2.7 Need for Tan/Teal protection 

Movie 2.8 7-man protection 

Movie 2.9 Solo

Movie 2.10 Technique presentation 

Movie 2.11 Examples of one way protections 

Movie 2.12 Augment protection with formation & motion 

Part 3 – Dropback Passing:

Movie 3.1 Fixing the eyes 

Movie 3.2 The rhythm feature 

Movie 3.3 New from 2014 

Movie 3.4 Ten 

Movie 3.5 Dot 

Movie 3.6 Dart 

Movie 3.7 Fist 

Movie 3.8 Hic 

Movie 3.9 Bronco 

Movie 3.10 “51” 

Movie 3.11 Dribble 

Movie 3.12 Special Tag “Maverick” 

Movie 3.13 09 Dot/Bopper 

Movie 3.14 “519” 

Movie 3.15 Running back involvement 

Movie 3.16 Using the RB to threaten vertically 

Movie 3.17 Layers of teaching 

Movie 3.18 Youth script 

Movie 3.19 Advantage Principles and Navigation Tags 

Movie 3.20 Balancing out the passing game 

Part 4 – Complementing the Dropback Pass:

Movie 4.1 Using stacked formations 

Movie 4.2 Quick screens to control threats 

Movie 4.3 Pocket play action (Zone vs. Gap Pass) 

Movie 4.4 Misdirection play action 

Movie 4.5 Boot/waggle 

Movie 4.6 Dash wheel

Movie 4.7 Double screens 

Movie 4.8 Convoy screens 

Movie 4.9 Slow screen with downfield throw 

Movie 4.10 Packaged passes9

Movie 4.11 Attacking with one personnel grouping 


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