Holiday sale on my iBooks – Save $ through January 1st

From now through January 1, my ibooks are $5 off.  101+ Read Game Plays is $10 off*

*Pro Style Pistol Offense:  101+ Read Game Plays is being updated because of a problem caused by Yosemite.  The videos work, but the interactives will not open.  The update will be pushed through for free as soon as all interactives are reloaded.  This should be done in the next few days.

Click the links below to go to the iBookstore.

101+ Pro Style Pistol Offense Plays

$24.99($5 off)- Description

This book includes play diagrams, player assignments, game video (press box and end zone views), Keynote presentations, coaching points and explanations for the Pro Style Pistol Offense. Over 30 minutes of game video.

Pro Style Pistol Offense:  101+ Read Game Plays

$19.99 ($10 off) Description

The Pro Style Pistol Offense presents a flexible way to adapt the read option game into the existing offensive structure.  The book details the zone read, zone read option, power read as well as variations and play action off of every play.  Instructional videos, game video with press box and end zone views, and interactive presentations give any coach the necessary information to run these plays.

The Zone Offense:  Create a Structured System

$24.99 ($5 off)Description

This series is more than illustrating the plays in our zone blocking based offense, though they are explained and described in great detail.  The series also shows how to turn a set of plays into an integrated system.
This volume gives the details of how to run the stretch play, but it also describes setting up the structure for any offense.  The process for us was one of evolving what we already had in place, and tightly integrating each component of our offense.
Of equal importance is the coaching methods and strategies that made the system successful on game day.  The series serves as a comprehensive set of manuals that illustrate each step of offensive planning and execution to move the chains and score more points.
Loaded with dynamic content.

A Coaching Arsenal – Volume 1 Exclusive Strategies from Top Coaches on Implementing the Pistol Offense

$29.99 ($10 off) Description

Chris Ault kicks the book off with the Foreword pointing to the Pistol as being about innovation and problem solving.  Ault and his staff as well as retired coaches Tom Kaczkowski (used the pistol in 1999) and Larry Beckish (had plans for the pistol in 1977) provide historical perspective in the first section. High school and college coaches who have had success with using the pistol set give the details on how they utilize the pistol with different schemes. In multiple volumes, over 24 coaches share the details on their version of the Pistol Offense. This manual serves not just as a resource for the Pistol, but for offense in general.  Over 100 videos make the words and diagrams come alive.

Also, Dan Gonzalez The Blue Print is $39.99 through January 1st. ($20 off)


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