Great review by Rob Paschall on Coach Huey

I wanted to look into some different viewpoints on the passing game this offseason.  I have most of everything that is out there in book or video form.  I got an ipad a couple of years ago and mainly use it for hudl and light social media fun.  I had not really considered using it for ibooks and other things, I have other devices for that, they are called real books.

Well, I saw a tweet about this from Dan who I know posts here and I have talked ball with in person before.

So, I went and checked it out.    My intention was to just see if I could get a regular hardcopy book from there.  It was ibook only.  I asked Dan about it via message.  He said it was more than that to look into it more.

Wow.  This isn’t your grandad’s football book.  This is like an interactive teaching tool on how Dan has come up with his passing scheme.  It was truly cool.  I learned some good things in there and it really got me to thinking.  It got me to thinking so much that I eventually asked Dan to come talk with our staff.  We will be using some of his ideas for sure.  They just make sense.  The ideas he puts on here are adaptable to any system or offense you run.

I don’t review many books on here as my football library is quite large, but most of them are just paper books about this or that, frankly, I can find the same or better information here more often than not and be able to ask questions that will get answered.   This ibook thing though?  With all the video and stuff Dan has put into it?  This thing is like magic to a simple old caveman football guy like me.

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