Dan Gonzalez Ballistic Full Field Attack


Dan Gonzalez has engineered an offensive system that attacks the entire field.  Blending high percentage passes with explosive opportunities, and a strong running game, Gonzalez’s systems have generated impressive stats.  Utilizing his concepts, you can be confident as an offensive coordinator that you are maximizing the potential of your team through proper utilization of personnel, formations, tempo, run and pass game.  Dan has shared the first two parts of this process in his series Developing an Offensive System.  Part 1:  The Need for Change discusses and illustrates the accountability a coach has to putting his team in the best possible position to succeed.  The entire system is set up around the concept of  player based learning to the point that it can be taught at the youngest level.  If you want to build a program in which your players develop the skills and knowledge they need from the time they start playing flag football in third grade, then this is a must have.  He explains the tools every offensive coordinator should utilize to achieve the objectives of the unit.  He does this with a blend of text and over an hours worth of video analysis.

Part 2:  The Blue Print continues to go in depth with over 2 hours of video and includes over 50 cut-ups for your own further review.  Cutting edge concepts are explained in detail.

While the focus has primarily been on the passing game in these first two parts, protection, technique and running game will be detailed in the next two parts which will be coming soon.

Want an example of what you get with this series?  Here is Gonzalez posting on the Scat/Snag during the play-offs this past weekend.  His post is detailed and offers useful analysis and coaching points.  He does this throughout the three hours of video within his interactive books as well.


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